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Shine Snack Break Tips

Our mission is simple yet powerful. We want to evolve the act of snacking and make superfoods more accessible. So we launched Shine OrganicsTM to reward taste buds when hunger hits hard. You know that afternoon 3 o’clock slump hour when happy can turn to hangry in an instant.

To help celebrate and reward a community of entrepreneurs in the City That Never Sleeps, we decided to surprise members at We Work in Chelsea with a Shine Snack Break at 3pm on a Monday. In hopes of reviving their day, we arrived in their kitchen carrying tote bags full of each of our four blends of organic fruit, vegetables, chia seeds, and superfoods. Did we mention that they are made without GMO ingredients and vegan too? Bonus times two!



Within moments of lining the portable pouches on the counter, the vibrant colors seemed to call members away from their desks. Some were even hungrily headed to the kitchen seeking a source of sustenance, and were happy to find our Shine Snack Break setup.

Since our pouches are portable and don’t need to stay in the fridge, We Work members happily took an extra pouch or two to place in desk drawers, purses and gym bags. We are thrilled to help fuel We Work entrepreneurs with our Shine Organics pouches, and hope that our Snack Break encourages them to make mindful snack decisions to nourish their body and give their mind a refresh.



To help you power through your afternoon, we wanted to share some of our favorite Shine Snack Break Tips:

  1. Plan Ahead. Keeping a portable snack on hand, in your bag, or in your desk drawer will keep you calm and confident in making better choices when hunger hits hard.
  2. Choose snacks with ingredients you can pronounce. Real food trumps artificial flavors, any day.
  3. Eat mindfully. Don’t ignore your snack while making your way through your to-do list. Take a moment to focus on the flavors. Plus it gives your mind a moment to rest, reset and recharge.